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create a marketing strategy that fits your personality and a creative business that really works for you

Do you want to feel confident in your marketing? Do you want to get rid of that daunting feeling that you have to sell yourself? Do you want to be self-assured in asking appropriate fees for your work? Do you prefer focussing on your art instead of worrying about business? 

Whether you are an introvert or an extravert, everyone can learn to do marketing and business for their work. The key is to stay true to ourselves. There is nothing we have to do, but there are many things that we can do. We only need a little inspiration, some know-how, and a few guidelines. 

I have created Hidden Sprouts to do just that. An inspirational and game-changing collection of ideas that will give you the tools to change your marketing and business approach and empower you to create a business that works for you. 


Hidden Sprouts is an online course

・about running a sustainable creative business that can pay the bills without us having to sell our soul,

・about changing our mindset about business and marketing and all those dreadful things,

・about becoming confident in promoting our work by simply telling our story, 

・and about daring to ask to be paid for our work by knowing exactly what our value is. 

Ten years of unconsciously trying to find a good balance between money and art, finally on paper.

this is me

I'm Claudia Hansen. Photographer, percussion, music theater maker, and writer. And I am on a mission to empower creatives to become more confident entrepreneurs. I've spent almost ten years finding ways how to feel confident as a non-natural in business and marketing. Now I have created Hidden Sprouts to give you the tools and confidence to get the most out of the incredible opportunity that you have as an artist. I look forward to seeing you around Hidden Sprouts!