the abbreviated version

∙ ∙ the course to write a better cv and motivation letter ∙ ∙

get lifetime access to the first part of Hidden Sprouts, excluding the marketing and business part, but including all worksheets and templates that help you to define what professional direction you have to go in, where you will find true meaning, and how you can write a cv and motivation letter that lives up to your true capacities, plus access to all future updates and extensions. (Note: upgrading to the complete e-book is not possible. Only choose this option if you are/will not be a freelancer in the future.)



  • 9 worksheets and 1 template

    ---to define your personality, uncover your why, create your mission statement, discover your unique talent, write a biography that tells your story, create a modern cv---

  • 9 Chapters of Ideas

    ---with concepts and tips that help to find out how to describe your unique talent and your ideal working place---

what you can expect to learn from Hidden Sprouts - the abbreviated version

  • how to identify your unique strength and your unique talent to differentiate yourself

  • how to determine and use your 'why' to take decisions, find your ideal profession, and to write a compelling motivation letter

  • how to write a biography and a cv that tell your story and make people curious


abbreviated course

the complete course includes

  • ● a self-paced course experience ● the first part of the Hidden Sprouts book ● all the worksheets and templates belonging to the first part of Hidden Sprouts ● lifetime access to all future updates and extensions ● a community to discuss ideas on writing a cv or motivation letter and all other related topics ● online support